Waxhaw NC Air Duct Cleaning, Dryer Vent Cleaning, Crawlspace Repair, HVAC Maintenance

Clean Air Solutions in Waxhaw proudly remains a family-owned and operated company offering services such as air duct and dryer vent cleaning plus crawl space repairs and HVAC maintenance.

Improved Air Quality

Indoor Air quality (IAQ) is important for everyone that lives in your home. Everyday living creates a variety of different kinds of dust, dirt, dander, and chemicals, even before pollen becomes an issue each spring. These pollutants are then circulated an average of 5 to 7 times per day in your home. The resulting accumulation of debris throughout your system is referred to as “fouling.” Many systems are actually fouled with construction debris before anyone moves in since in our area it is routine to complete interior work with the air conditioner running.

You should also consider air duct and system cleaning anytime you have had construction or remodeling work performed inside your home. Drywall dust, paint overspray, and sawdust are all typical offenders when it comes to fouling a system, even when proper containment strategies have been used.

Dryer Vent Cleaning and Fire Risk

A critical form of home maintenance that most homeowners overlook is professional dryer vent cleaning. Not only will proper dryer vent cleaning ensure that your dryer is using energy as efficiently as possibly during each dry cycle, eliminating excess dryer lint and checking that your dryer venting is in good working condition also decreases your household fire risk.

HVAC Maintenance

All heating and air conditioning systems require regular maintenance to keep them running efficiently and performing at their best. We offer seasonal maintenance packages for homeowners and quarterly HVAC maintenance for light commercial systems that take the guesswork out of HVAC upkeep, without the hassle of a monthly contract.

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